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Mieczysław Weinberg’s Symphony No. 21 “Kaddish” scheduled for Czech premiere as a part of the Musica non grata project


Musica non grata

Musica non grata is a project aimed at rediscovering works by composers persecuted by the National Socialists. On Saturday 23 April, at 7:00 PM, Tomáš Brauner will conduct the National Theatre Orchestra at the National Theatre’s historic building, performing a Czech premiere of Symphony No. 21 “Kaddish” by Mieczysław Weinberg as a part of the project. The soprano Marie Fajtová will sing the solo part and the evening will be opened by Maciej Ruczaj, the director of the Polish Institute in Prague, speaking on the context of creation of the work.

“The compositions by Mieczysław Weinberg remain – to a certain extent – among the hidden jewels of 20thcentury’s music; they are treasures that we have been rediscovering only in the few last decades. This applies also to Weinberg’s twenty-first symphony titled “Kaddish”. It would certainly take several long paragraphs to discuss all the qualities of this extraordinary work. Therefore, I would like just to briefly characterize this symphony as a work of powerful and unique emotions with a strong impact not only on the audience but also on me personally. And that impact is even stronger when we realize that “Kaddish” can be viewed as an image of the uneasy path that Weinberg had to walk during his lifetime,” said the conductor Tomáš Brauner reflecting on the Czech premiere of the piece.  

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We present on 23 April at the National Theatre