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LIFE ON TIPTOES – a 12-minute documentary giving an insight into the lives of Czech National Ballet principal dancers, now on YOUTUBE.



Watch here!

The artistic documentaryLIFE ON TIPTOESprovides a unique behind-the-scenes insight into the lives of the Czech National Ballet principal dancers – Nikola Márová, Alina Nanu, Tereza Podařilová, Miho Ogimoto and Andrea Kramešová. The film was first screened on 6 March at the New Stage of the National Theatre.

The creative producer Tereza Bílá, the director Igor Zacharov and the cinematographer David Hofmann peep behind the scenes and further, giving an intimate view of the prima ballerinas’ everyday activities, their hard work and self-sacrifice, as well as great emotions. Dance is not just about astonishing dexterity or brilliant technique, as it also requires flair, elegance, discipline, firm will, musicality and, first and foremost, a great heart.

The making of the documentary LIFE ON TIPTOEShas been financially supported by the National Theatre Benefactors’ Club, Mac Cosmetics CZ SK and Panavision Prague.