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LIFE ON POINT is a 12-minute documentary made by Tereza Bílá and Igor Zacharov. It gives a behind-the-scene’s insight into the lives of the Czech National Ballet principal dancers – Nikola Márová, Alina Nanu, Tereza Podařilová, Miho Ogimoto and Andrea Kramešová. On 6 March 2018, the New Stage will host a festive evening that will feature the premiere screening of this new film

The lives of prima ballerinas come across as a mystery for many people. During a performance, the audience see the dancers portraying their roles, marvel at their beauty, lightness, elegance and stateliness, without having the slightest inkling as to what precedes the moment they first get on stage.
The film provides an intimate view of their everyday activities when getting ready for performances, their hard work and self-sacrifice, as well as great emotions. Dance is not just about astonishing dexterity or brilliant technique, as it also requires flair, discipline, firm will, musicality and, first and foremost, a great heart. “Where there is no heart there is no art,” said the legendary Russian prima ballerina Anna Pavlova. Yes, it is precisely the magic moment that changes a dancer into a prima ballerina, an alchemic transformation of lead into gold. All the aforementioned qualities are possessed by our artists, women who have attained the zenith within the dance craft.

It has been financially supported by the National Theatre Benefactors’ Club, Mac Cosmetics CZ SK and Panavision Prague.

During the evening on 6 March, audience can see also the performance of the Czech National Ballet principal dancers and a subsequent informal debate with the artists.