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Jakub Nepraš: Culture Hive - Outdoor Installation


Laterna magika

This is gonna be an ARTevent of the year with Laterna magika! After the evening Cube show on May 22 and discussion with dancers and choreographers, the day - or night - will find its finale outside at Václav Havel square. Join us and enjoy one of the events celebrating 60 years of Laterna magika. #60LM is not over yet!

Jakub Nepraš: Culture Hive 

After a decade, the visual artist Jakub Nepraš has re-established his collaboration with Laterna magika. His striking, even magical, work, coming across as a living organism, is reminiscent of a swarm of bees, a hive or nest – bearing numerous attributes and elements of theatre, it represents it in a non-traditional form. The dynamic surrealistic video sculpture is replete with movements and associations, which act on our senses. The peculiar attractor vivifies the experiences deeply fixed in our brains, generally stimulating the human mind as a mantric resonating emitter. The nest is circulated by film strips, evoking whirling bees. The film strips bear original archival takes from Laterna magika performances. Everything relating to culture, creativity and theatre twirls in the golden hive. Yet every onlooker may see the installation as representing different things. In an interlinked entirety, the subliminal information contained in the animation also shows a picture of contemporary society. 

Jakub Nepraš is a visual artist, combining in his creations video and sculpture. A graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, he brings to bear knowledge of science and philosophy, as well as his own experience, feelings and intuition. Jakub focuses on the pivotal changes in society and technology, and the resulting human estrangement in relation to other people and nature alike. He strives to rediscover the primeval, purer way of life, returning natural forms to contemporary society and technologies. The founder of the Trafo Gallery in Prague, in 2008 he worked with Laterna magika on the show Code 58.08. Two of his video installations have been displayed at the New Stage of the National Theatre – Kultury (Cultures) in 2007 and  Louka (Meadow) in 2012.

Jakub Nepraš created the installation Culture Hive for the celebrations marking the 60th anniversary of Laterna magika, in collaboration with the National Film Archive and with support from Museum Montanelli and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.