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Cube - new project in progress


Laterna magika

Laterna magika has started working on a brand new experimental performance Cube, falling in the concept of LaternaLAB project. s názvem "Cube". This performance deals with pure contemporary dance and multimedia, using video mapping to create illusory space in the theatre. We would like to invite you to see the first version on September 1. The performance will be followed by discussion with our artists and creators. We want you to be part of the process.

Stage directorPavel Knolle
ScriptPavel KnolleŠtěpán PecharDavid Stránský
Sets and CostumesPavel Knolle
ChoreographyŠtěpán PecharDavid Stránský
Music: Jan Šikl
Dramaturgy: Jan Tošovský
Projections, mappingJan Hladil
Assistant choreographerZuzana Herényiová
Camera: Marek Brožek
Edit: Marek Brožek

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