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Cube - modern dance in Laterna magika


Laterna magika

Come to see our latest project - Cube. On Thursday and Friday, 21 + 22 September.

"The performance comes across as modern in all respects: as regards the variety of interpretation of its sections, the dance phraseology, as well as the application of state-of-the-art technologies. (…) The audiences can see alternating techniques, with some of the images being kick-started by music, while others are fired up by a physical action or film simulation. They are afforded the opportunity to create their own associations, with the result being that the one-hour show seems to go by very quickly. Cube may make one feel constrained, yet on the other hand it features a large-scale architecture and forces one to think, provides a source for play."

(Czech Television web)

"Cube represents the area within which the lives of all of us take place. It is a symbol, as well as a real shape, within which we all move around – in our flats, in our workplaces, in the basic delimitation of space."

(Taneční aktuality - dance magazine)

"I must admit that I admire the courage with which the young dancers embarked upon the project. And I equally praise the way in which they have evolved the experience they had gained during their previous encounters with audio-visual performances. What’s more, I highly appreciate the fact that they have presented to the Laterna magika audience an enlightened and refined rendezvous with contemporary dance."

(Taneční zóna - dance magazine)