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Brel–Vysockij–Kryl / Sólo pro tři – only three shows in February 2019



Legendary Petr Zuska’s ballet is on again. She: first soloist Alina Nanu and He: soloist Matěj Šust

This piece of dance theatre with the subheading “Solo for Three” is a ravishing performance inspired by the lives and songs of three singer-poets of the 1960s and 1970s – Jacques Brel, Vladimir Vysotsky and Karel Kryl.

Heroism. How many forms can a heroic act assume? It may range from a discreet and soft word to a proficient physical performance. You can be a hero amidst a turmoil, yet you need just as great a degree of personal courage in everyday life. Sometimes it suffices to add one’s signature …

Petr Zuska, the creator, choreographer and director of the production, has always been one of those willing to step out of his comfort zone for the sake of truth and human ideals, always ready to cry out: People, wake up!

When in 2007 Zuska was conceiving his now cult production Solo for Three, he spoke through the voices of Brel, Vysotsky and Kryl, while also being shattered by the untimely death of another bard, his friend, the Czech actor Boris Rösner. Yet he imbued with truth every movement, idea and sequence of scenes.

A during these days? Where are you, heroes?