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NDup or New Life of Stuff

NDup is a project of The National Theatre that uses various materials previously used in the theatre production and operation to create new and unique items. The “up” after the Czech abbreviation of The National theatre, ND, is a nod to the idea of upcycling.

The National Theatre Strives to be environmentally responsible in all its activities. We also stress the importance of resource sustainability. Saving energy and water has become second nature for The National Theatre, but there are always new areas to discover. Just the regular production of public and advertising materials, brochures, leaflets, posters, and banners consumes a plethora of materials that had served their primary purpose and can now find new uses and new lives. One of the goals of The National Theatre has now become the transformation of redundant objects and materials into new items with renewed practicality and value.

A myriad of ideas has already been made reality and The National Theatre will gladly inform you how to acquire these items. On our website, you can also find the stories about the origins of these items and the hardships of making them. First and foremost, however, you will learn about the passion and enthusiasm that the creation of the items has brought.

The author of the slogan for New Life of Stuff is songwriter Tomáš Roreček, who has been responsible for many successful advertising slogans and lyrics of popular Czech bands, such as Chinaski or Kryštof. The logo of NDup was made by the artist Petr Huml from Formata Studios.

As part of NDUp, audience members can visit our e-shop and get unique backpacks made from redundant banners, handmade notebooks from old calendars and clippings, and envelopes made from recycled paper mixed with seeds, so you can plant them and watch them grow. And we are far from done, as the advertising banners will also become part of waterproof jackets, currently in production!