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    Human Locomotion

    Genius of photography Eadweard Muybrige and his turbulent life in a visual movement project.


18. 11. 2019

Human Locomotion - morning performance

Going to theatre at 10 am in the morning? Why not! Great opportunity to visit the theatre in an unusual time and grab the morning discounted tickets, just 150 CZK each.

When a man in 19th-century America shot dead his wife’s lover, he was quite likely to be acquitted. As was the photographer Muybridge ...

A wager
A gunshot

Visually bold images, speaking through dance and movement, engrossing music and lighting design, scenographic details – we tell Eadweard Muybridge’s story in a singular way, recasting 19th-century America into 21st-century theatre.


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6. 11. 2019

Cocktail 012 - The Best of after a few months back

Selection of the most popular variations from several productions from the far and recent past presents Laterna magika in different shapes and dance genres. From the legendary Break-neck Ride to Graffiti by Jiří Bubeníček or retro show Code 58.08. Dance cocktail mixed just for you!

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31. 10. 2019

Tip for the beginning of November - The Garden 5. + 6. 11.

While the nature outside prepares for winter hibernation, our Garden is still blooming!

“First and foremost, The Garden is a visually enthralling show. David Stránský and Štěpán Pechar’s choreographies are enhanced by Tereza Bartůňková’s illustrations, set in motion by Erik Bartoš. The young designer’s style is different from that of Josef Trnka, creating a truly poetic atmosphere, replete with abstract and concrete images (a cute hedgehog running across the stage, for instance). (…) The Garden is a production highly attractive for adults and children alike.”

(Pavla Haluzová,

“Four friends return to the garden of their childhood, recalling past adventures, which now may come across as banal, yet once represented the whole universe. The Garden thus symbolises the child that we all were, albeit we sometimes tend to forget about. The Laterna magika production brings that inner child back to our mind.”

(Soňa Hanušová,

“The audiences return to their childhood. The Laterna magika production revives the adventures they experienced a long time ago.  (…) The stage director Pavel Knolle, who also wrote the scenario, has employed state-of-the-art stage technologies. The big screen and the entire floor are used as projection areas. In addition, so as to create special effects, the dancers operate small projectors directly on the stage. The performance, featuring acrobatics, puppetry and non-verbal communication, is also interesting for foreign tourists. Laterna magika offers a fascinating spectacle for the whole family.”

(Regina Stölben, Tschechien Online)

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30. 9. 2019

About Laterna magika - in MeetFactory

National Film Archive presents on part of his research of Laterna magika in the form of exhibition and installation. Now in the premises of Meetfactory, alternative space in Smíchov in Prague. Audio-visual artist Jakub Nepraš presents his works for the New Stage of the National Theatre, there is a short historical part, you can watch original videos from Expo58 or visit special installation by famous artist Michal Bielický. You have time until November 10.

Combining historical materials, samples of later works inspired by Laterna magika but rendered in different media formats, and brand new art projects created right at MeetFactory, the exhibition reveals and introduces the foundations on which Laterna Magika was/is built. The gallery space features several artworks by Jakub Nepraš from 2007 to 2019 which had been part of the New Stage and are partly based on the works of Laterna magika. The separate space of Kostka Gallery presents the installation by Kamila B. Richter and Michael Bielický combining an architectonic object and projections onto semi-transparent materials. The last section of the exhibition is dedicated to international artists in residence who have a completely different perspective of Laterna magika unburdened by tradition/history: Ana Latini and Amelia Tan.

The exhibition seeks to get a broad and ambiguous grasp of Laterna magika, perceiving it as a phenomenon of many facets and ambivalences. The subtitle The Memory of an Experiment alludes to the focus on experimentation which has always created and still creates Laterna magika, to the continuous and unceasing experiment out of which it is born; and which, paradoxically, can be the cause of its stagnation. At the same time, MeetFactory is an ideal multimedia space to be transformed into a “laboratory” of Laterna magika to further revive the memory of experiments.

Artists: Michael Bielický and Kamila B. Richter, Ana Latini, Jakub Nepraš, Amelia Tan

Curators: Lucie Česálková, Kateřina Svatoňová
Architect: Zbyněk Baladrán
Organizers: MeetFactory, Národní filmový archiv
Duration: 26. 9. 2019 - 10. 11. 2019 

23. 2. 2019

The GARDEN design notebooks

Notebooks from VOALA graphics studio with unruled pages in A6 or A5 format accompany our latest show "The Garden" (=Zahrada). Together witj black and white pencil they are great souvenirs from Laterna magika. Check our e-shop or stop by at the box office:
A5 notebook
A6 notebook

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