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Morávek´s Flute from God at the Estates Theatre

29. 1. 2015

The intriguing story of Die Zauberflöte will be retold to audiences by one of today´s most original Czech directors Vladimir Moravek and staged in a fantastical world of collages of leading designer Miroslav Huptych. The premiere of Mozart's opera, musically prepared by Jaroslav Kyzlink, is scheduled to take place on February 5th and 7th 2015 at the Estates Theatre.

"Although I have conducted Die Zauberflöte many times, the new production at the Estates Theatre is extremely inspiring to me. In his brilliant music, which he composed late in life and, despite the seeming simplicity, Mozart put all of his experience and mastery into it – primarily combining patterns of that time´s clearly defined music rules with his own huge musical inventiveness," says conductor Jaroslav Kyzlink. He adds: "I am delighted that, along with the orchestra, the soloists and the chorus of the National Theatre Opera, we are thriving in blurring the aged sediments of past productions. With the experience of the previous version, we are discovering more beauty and detail in the score. I am convinced that even without replicas of the historical instruments, we will succeed in presenting the music of Mozart in accordance with the now indisputable rules of historically informed interpretation. "

"I received the offer to direct Die Zauberflöte from Petr Kofroň, when I was barely a week into the rehearsal of Forman´s and Shaffer's Amadeus. For days I then spent listening to the magnificent music - and I wanted to cry and wash myself in the music and not go to sleep at night, but listen to it over, over and over again," says director Vladimir Moravek, who often refers to The Flute from God in addition to the original title of the work the as also more characteristic for him. Apart from singers, we can discover the figure of Mozart himself, portrayed by Martin Donutil or Ondřej Mataj. "And within the walls of the Estates Theatre, we have now spent two months, while we have listened to Mozart's music over and over again and tried to understand all the mishaps of the story. Again and again I begged them to take things seriously, so that we do not have unnecessary things in the production, so that people will laugh," adds Vladimir Moravek.

Singers of the younger and middle-aged generation will perform in the Die Zauberflöte production: Jana Sibera, Olga Jelíková, Marie Fajtová, Yukiko Šrejmová Kinjo, Petra Perla Nôtová, Gabrijela Ubavić, Jana Horáková Levicová, Michaela Kapustová, Kateřina Jalovcová, Václava Krejčí Housková, Lucie Hájková, Lenka Pavlovič, Richard Samek, Jaroslav Březina, Jiří Brückler, Miloš Horák, Jan Šťáva, Pavel Vančura, Aleš Voráček nebo Ondřej Koplík.

The audience of the Estates Theatre will be able to see the last Mozart's opera ten times during this season and in its original German language with Czech subtitles. The last production of Die Zauberflöte at the Estates Theatre was directed by David Radok and premiered in 1993. It was performed in Czech and had 384 reprises.

The next opera premiere of the National Theatre will be Mussorgsky´s Boris Godunov with musical preparation by artistic director of the Opera Petr Kofroň, directed by Linda Keprtová and featuring Mikhail Kazakov and Vitaly Efanov in the title role.