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Hansel and Gretel at the State opera

16. 4. 2015

The classic story of Hansel, Gretel and The Gingerbread Witch is coming back to Prague! The State Opera invites children, their parents and grandparents for a theatrical adventure, that will be far different from any ordinary opera. Hansel and Gretel will prepare a more colourful, fun and sweet spectacle, not at all long, entirely in Czech, and at the end good prevails over evil of course.

Theatrical wizard Matěj Forman, together with scenographer and costume designer Andrea Sodomková, choreographer Veronika Švábová and translator, poet and librettist Radek Malý will transfer Engelbert Humperdinck's opera to the State Opera stage. The music is performed by State Opera Orchestra under the direction of Music Director Martin Leginus and soloists Jana Sibera, Yukiko Šrejmová Kinjo, Michaea Kapustová, Jana Horakova Levicová, Jaroslav Březina, Martin Šrejma and many more. Furthermore, the Czech and poetic translation from one of the most popular authors of contemporary literature for children Radek Malý is an extraordinarily enticing experience.

"Immediately after my appointment to the State Opera, I realized that if any parent asked me what show I would recommend for their children, no title from the former repertory for children's audience came to mind. I really missed a family audience in the State opera. Now, when I watch the creation of the staging of Hansel and Gretel, I'm thrille with Matěj Forman’s ideas!" says the Music Director of the State Opera and conductor Martin Leginus.

"Our new adaptation of Hansel and Gretel tells the story about theatre and the desire to live only for it among other things. We were looking for a narrative that was familiar to us and how we could also tell the story about a world that is close to our hearts. From the start all my efforts have a clear direction – for the production to be truly for kids. Thus, it will be for a family. I stand on the side of the audience, who will visit the opera for the first time - not only children, but also some parents," says director and artist Matěj Forman.

"The opera will be presented, for the first time, in accordance with its original title Hansel and Gretel (in the Czech Republic normally introduced as Gingerbread House). With this we want to emphasize the individuality and action of the main characters," says the author of the trans versification, Germanist and Bohemicist Radek Malý. "Instead of moaning of hunger, the children complain about housework in the first part, which they are destined for living with in mobile theatre. And their dad is not broom-maker, which has been the custom in this opera, but an illustrious, however poor principal. But mind you – are these changes essential in the light of the fact that no one speaks, but sings in the scenes and that Hansel and Gretel are portrayed by two mature women and The Gingerbread Witch by a man?" Said Radek Malý.

The State Opera offers fifteen performances of Hansel and Gretel until the end of this season, including morning and afternoon performances and for the family audience the ticket prices are adapted by the possibility of acquiring an additional 20% discount for children under 15 years.

The following opera premiere of The National Theatre will be Red Mary by Jan Kučera on The New stage.