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Robot Radius

Life on Earth is all but extinct and the planet is now run by abiotic technologies. One last person has survived – a scientist, who is to complete transformation from physical into digital man. In a creative symbiosis, the stage is entered by living artists and state-of-the-art technologies. We experiment with augmented reality, applying the motion capture technology in real time.

Concept: Radim Vizváry
Script, stage direction: Miřenka Čechová
Music: Michal Pavlíček
Visual dramaturgy: Amador Artiga
Digital technologies: Jan Hladil, František Pecháček
Sets, costumes: Marek Cpin
Lighting design: Karel Šimek
Sound design: Michal Pavlíček, Martin Tvrdý
Performers: Radim Vizváry, Michal Pavlíček

Servis information:
The performance is without an intermission.
The performance is suitable for children from the age of fourteen upwards.
Space required for the performance:
Width × height × depth = 14.4 m × 14.0 m × 14.5 m + side portals 1.5 m + rear passageway 2.0 m

Performance profile at the Laterna magika website

Reviews and references:
Taneční aktuality, 7. 7. 2021
Operaplus, 15. 9. 2021
Taneční aktuality, 21. 9. 2021
ČT Události v kultuře, 11. 9. 2021


Production Manager of Laterna magika

Dominika Flajzarová

Dominika Flajzarová