Ticket Envelope Ornament

Paper envelope for tickets with a golden pattern

20 Kč

Swan Lake Notebook (black)

A5 notebook from papelote studio

169 Kč


A game for 2–4 players in Czech

198 Kč

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Garden Notebook A6

notebook from VOALA graphics studio with unruled pages in A6 format

149 Kč

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The Foyer of the National Theatre

A publication documenting the history of the foyer of the National Theatre and the restoration of its paintings. Bilingual book – in both Czech and English.

890 Kč

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Different Banks: Choreographer Jiří Kylián between The Hague and Prague - CZ

A monograph of the world-renowned choreographer Jiří Kylián in Czech language

490 Kč

The story of the dancer Růžena Mazalová

A biography of the distinguished Czech dancer, choreographer and educator

230 Kč

Apron MARYŠA (blue)

Unisex apron with Czech slogan

369 Kč