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National Theatre magnet

A magnet with a photograph of the National Theatre interior
30 CZK

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Product description

The National Theatre in Prague embodies the Czech nation’s endeavour for independence and sovereignty. Built owing to the funds raised among the general population, the laying of its foundation stone on 16 May 1868 was a national political manifestation. The theatre was opened on 11 June 1881, yet two months later it was destroyed by a fire, following which it was reconstructed and reopened on 18 November 1883. A number of legends and stories have been passed down the generations – one of them has it that the building’s foundations conceal a keg containing the holy spring water by which Saint Cyril baptised the Slavs.

The magnet bears a photograph of the theatre auditorium, including Vojtěch Hynais’s curtain dating from 1883, which replaced František Ženíšek’s curtain that had fallen victim to the devastating fire in 1881.