Diary 2020 – set and costume design

The National Theatre Diary for 2019
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In 2020, we continue to offer a series of popular diaries, plus a wall calendar. 

This year’s topic is stage sets and costumes. Scenography and story-telling are inherent parts of theatre, even though they are not the same. The diary presents set and costume designs from the extensive collections preserved at the National Theatre Archives, with the earliest of them dating from 1883, the very outset of the National Theatre’s existence, and the latest originating from the spring of 2019, the most recently concluded season. Within a year, you will acquaint yourself with the 136-year-old history of the theatre itself, as well as the development of the design styles. The conception of the stage space has transformed concurrently with the development of the visual arts, with the degree of stylisation having most distinctly reflected in the depiction of the respective milieus in which the works performed have been set. The diary features examples of highly realistic sceneries, revealing details that the spectator’s eyes may not discern even on a large stage. Our diary provides ample information, but also magnificent pictures, which you will certainly not forget.