Luboš Veselý

Host Činohry

He spent his childhood in small town Ostrov nad Ohri, where he attended literary and dramatic courses. From 1977 - 1981 he studied Acting at Prague Conservatory (but did not finish). Since the late 70s to the compulsory military service (which he served from 1981- 1983), he played in A STUDIO RUBIN Theatre (as Benvolio in Romeo and Juliet). After returning from military service he was engaged at the Theatre Na Okraji. In 1989 he moved to Brno, where he came through several successive theatrical scenes: briefly worked in HaDivadlo Theatre, in 1990 - 1994 was a member of Joy Puppet Theatre, one season he was engaged in the National Theatre of Brno, then for one season he returned to HaDivadlo Theatre). For the following three years he was a member of Sedm a Pul Theatre (as a Humbert in “Lolita”, for example) and he ended his era in Brno with his involvement in the Husa na Provázku Theatre, where he created Rogozin in “The Idiot”. Since 2006 he has been engaged in Švandovo Divadlo Theatre, where among other things, he played the title role in Chekhov's “Uncle Vanya”. Beside hosting in National Theatre he works with TV and film directors.

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