Viktorie Čermáková

The stage director Viktorie Čermáková was an actor at the A Studio in Prague, the Divadlo na provázku theatre in Brno, the Kašpar drama society and the Divadlo Komedie theatre in Prague; from 2002 to 2005 she studied stage direction at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. In 2006 she co-founded the Továrna Theatre Studio, mainly performing on the stage of Prague’s La Fabrika club, for which she created productions of Karel Steigerwald’s scripts Horáková x Gottwald, Políbila Dubčeka (She Kissed Dubček) and Česká pornografie (Czech Pornography), based on Petra Hůlová’s novel. Since 2005 she has staged productions at the Činoherní studio in Ústí nad Labem, Rubín, the Theatre in Celetná, Ta Fantastika, the Theatre in Řeznická and La Fabrika in Prague, the Central Bohemia Theatre in Kladno, the Slovak National Theatre Studio in Bratislava, the Shed and the New Stage of the National Theatre in Prague, the Prague Municipal Theatres, the Mahen Drama in Brno, the MeetFactory, Švanda Theatre and the Strašnice Theatre in Prague, etc. A considerable part of her work consists of productions of contemporary Czech and global plays and original projects. In 2007 she received an award for her achievements for Czech theatre at the Příští vlna (Next Wave) festival and was also nominated for the prestigious Alfréd Radok Prize. Her most recent productions include Šaman (The Shaman), based on Egon Bondy’s work, the new play Putin a Bilak stojí u trezoru (Putin and Bilak Stand at the Safe) at the Švanda Theatre, Tanec smrti (The Dance of Death) at the MDP studio, Světa plný zuby (Tired of the World) and Scratch at the Strašnice Theatre. In 2010 she portrayed the lead female role of Klára in David Jařab’s film Hlava – ruce – srdce (Head – Hands – Heart).

Update: April 2015