Simone Sandroni

Was the founding member of Ultima Vez in Brussels in 1987 and collaborated with the company until 1992. In 1993 he based his own group ERNESTO in Brussels and premiered its first work. In 1996 he has founded a multinational company DEJA DONNE in Prague together with Lenka Flory. In 2006 company’s main residence moved to the province of Perugia in central Italy. Sandroni created number of performances for DEJA DONNE: Deja Donne (1997), Aria spinta (1999), In bella copia (2001), There where we were (2003), Piotr and the stars of tut (2005), My name is king (2006), Margine Buio (2007), A glimpse of hope (2008), P. S. Martina la ragione (2010).DEJA DONNE has toured in 25 countries of Europe, North America and Asia. In addition to directing his own company he has commissioned a number of works for festivals, independent artists and schools in Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Canada, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia. (Bayerisches Staatsballett Munich, National Theatre Prague, Tanztehater Bielefeld, Festival de Beweeging Antwerp, Theatre Varia Brussels, Sosta Palmizi Italy, Duncan Centre Conservatory Prague, Academy of Music in Bratislava, Four Chambers Dance Projects Toronto, Luzerntanz am Luzernertheater, En-Knap Group Ljubljana). In 2007 he has created a work entitled Cambio d’Abito for 14 dancers of Bayerisches Staatsballett in Munich, which was performed in Munich Opera house for the following two seasons. In 2009 he has been invited to create a work for 10 dancers of the Tanztheater Bielefeld, Germany. The work entitled The Tempting Innocence was premiered in October 2009 and stayed in the season of the theatre till 2010. In 2010 Simone has created a choreographic portrait for Norbert Graf and Isabele Severs, both members of the Bayerisches Staatsballett. Both portraits stay at company’s repertory for further performances. In addition to his choreographic work, Sandroni leads large number of workshops and master classes in Europe and in the US. For more information, visit: Update: September 2010