Radovan Klučka

Guest of Laterna magika, Guest of Drama

Radovan Klučka was born in 1984. He graduated at Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague at Department of Dramatic Theatre (teached by Alois Švehlík and Eva Salzmannová). He cooperates with AHA! theatre and he is a guest artist in other groups. His roles included: Transit (Vinohrady theatre, role: Young man), Políbila Dubčeka (She kissed Dubček) (La Fabrika theatre, role: general Grečko), Konec Masopustu (The End of Carneval) (Disk theatre, role: Jindřich), Příběh diskokrále (The Story of Discoking) (A studio Rubín, role: Discoking), Pinokio (AHA! theatre, role: Pinokio), The Snow Queen (AHA! theatre, role: Grandmother, Ilk, Rogue, Prince), Tři levé hodiny (Three left clock) (Vojta Bárta’s unhappy cabaret, role: Leonid Lipavskyj), Návrat hezkých hochů (The Return of nice Boys) (A studio Rubín, role: Jiří), Makový mužíček (Poppy-man) (AHA! theatre, role:Poppy-man), Marriage (AHA! theatre, role: Kočkarev), Brand (o.p.s. Masopust, role: Doctor), Ferda Mravenec (Ferda, the Ant) (AHA! theatre, role: Broiuk Pytlík),Around the World in Eighty Days (AHA! theatre, role: Proklouz), Ze života hmyzu (Pictures from Insect’s Life) (AHA! theatre, role: Wanderer), Mauglí (AHA! theatre, role: Shere Khan), Chytrá kmotra Liška (Smart godmother Fox) (AHA! theatre, role: Sultan), Vytrvalý princ (Gritty Prince) (o.p.s. Masopust, role: King), Ze života hmyzu (Pictures from Insect’s Life) (National theatre, role: Slug). He also potrayed many roles in tv (První krok (First step), Vyprávěj (Tell me a story), První republika (First Republic), etc.). He is also an anchorman at TV (Óčko TV, TV Stream).


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