Radim Vizváry

One of the most distinguished figures of contemporary physical mime theatre in Europe, Radim Vizváry co-founded the internationally acclaimed company Tantehorse, and is artistic director of Mime Prague and stage director of the company Silent Opera. Furthermore, he is a writer, dramaturge, stage director and choreographer in the domain of mime theatre. For several years, he was engaged as an actor at the Minor Theatre in Prague and performed as a guest with the Spitfire Company. To date, he has worked with numerous renowned theatres, designers, musicians, poets and filmmakers. He is also president of the international Mime Fest and artistic director of the Artistes in the Streets international festival in Tábor. He has conceived his own methodology of physical mime technique, which he keeps developing, enriched by new, novel principles. As a creator, teacher and theoretician, he has been active both at home and abroad. Moreover, he writes reviews and articles for specialist journals and for several years has taught mime and physical mime at the Faculty of Music and Dance of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. He also teaches physical theatre and mime at the Cirqueon – Centre for Contemporary Circus in Prague, and previously taught mime art at Die Etage – the National Circus School in Berlin (2009–2013), as well as stage movement at the Theatre School in Prague (2006-2011). Radim Vizváry has led master classes and workshops at prestigious festivals at home and, primarily, abroad. As a stage director, choreographer or movement supervisor, he has to date created or co-created more than 80 performances and acted in six films. In 2014, he received a nomination for the Divadelní noviny Prize for the theme, choreography and performance in the production Uter Que. In that year he was listed as a noted artist in the Oxford Encyclopaedia. He has won Poland’s Pearl Award, in 2011 for his performance in the production Lorca, as well as numerous other European and US accolades.
Update: April 2015


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