Petr Pelzer

Stálý host Činohry

After studies of acting at Janáčkova’s academy of performing arts in Brno and after military service he joined the Caravan Theatre in Prague (1965-1968). At that time, he also appeared at the Theatre on the Balustradein Prague. From 1968 - 1979 he was a member of Olomouc O. Stibor Theatre company (Mercucio in „Romeo and Juliet“, Charles IV in „Night at Karlstejn“, Horacio in „Hamlet“, etc.), and soon he was hired by Peter Bezruč Theatre in Ostrava and then in the local State Theatre. After that, he came to Prague's Municipal Theatre (1984-94) where he played in „One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest“ and then, in 1994, he joined the National Theatre. Audience have the opportunity to see him in dozens of roles from Dostoyevsky, Bulgakov and Brecht to Shakespeare, Goldoni and Schnitzler and as a Vitek in „The Makropoulos Affair“. He focuses on working in radio and dubbing, sometimes he is a guest in other theatres, collaborating on sound recordings for puppet Spejbl + Hurvínek Theatre. He is often acting in films and television productions.


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