Ondřej Kyncl

Světelný designér

Ondřej Kyncl launched his career at the Naïve Theatre in Liberec, specialised in puppet shows. Subsequently, he worked at the Municipal Theatre in Liberec for five years, having been in charge of the lighting for the Dance, Dance festival, before moving to Prague, where he served at the Jatka78 art centre. He has collaborated with the stage director Jiří Havelka on his productions The Foam of the Days (2012) and Proton (2016), with Irina Andreeva and the Teatr Novogo Fronta on the performance Too Close to the Sun (2014), with Veronika Poldauf Riedlbauch on the productions DNArt (2014) and Funeral (2016), with Rostislav Novák and his Cirk La Putyka company on the shows Family (2015), Dolls (2014), Airground (2014) and Risk (2013). Furthermore, he designed the sets for Daniel Špinar’s adaptations of the play Protection (2016) and the novel Pride and Prejudice (2017), as well as for Štěpán Pácl’s production The Blue Bird (2016). Ondřej Kyncl has also worked on the international projects Analog (2014) and Life is a Rehearsal (2016), created by Rémi Martin Lenz and the Work in Progress Company. In addition to lighting design for theatre, he has also devoted to light installations (Jatka78, 2016, etc.). 


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