Marek Zelinka

Marek Zelinka studied physiotherapy at Charles University and nonverbal theatre at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. While still a student, he performed in the avant-garde Depressed Children Crave Money group’s adaptation of Last Year at Marienbad. In tandem with Martin Talaga, he staged the production SYNOVIAL (brooding over the contemporary men’s apprehension of their bodies) at La Fabrika in Prague, where he also worked on a dramatization of Marie Doležalová’s book Coffee, Beer, Cigarettes. At the Forman Brothers Theatre, he has co-created the choreography for and has performed in the production Deadtown. Moreover, he has choreographed the productions Periphery (Vinohrady Theatre, Prague) and The Guesthouse for Single Gentlemen (based on Sean O’Casey’s play Bedtime Story; Palace Theatre, Prague). Marek Zelinka has won the TV StarDance competition, and he has appeared in the films The Confessions of the Boxman and Masaryk. At the National Theatre in Prague, he has performed as a member of the mimic chorus in the production of Leoš Janáček’s opera From the House of the Dead (premiered in 2015) and appeared in the play Colonel Švec (premiered in 2018), for which he has also co-created the choreography.

Photo: Patrik Borecký

Marek Zelinka appears in events

Marek Zelinka appears in productions

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