Jakub Kopecký

Born in 1977 in Liberec, after graduating from the VáclavHollarSecondaryArtSchool he studied set design at the Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre of the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. He was a co-creator of SKUTR’s productions at the Archa Theatre (Nickname, Understand, Child in Her Mind) and other Czech stages (Heroes at the National Theatre in Prague, Plush at the Na zábradlí Theatre, Radúz and Mahulena at the National Theatre in Brno, Men at the Ponec theatre, Don Giovanni at the National Theatre in Prague), as well as abroad (the Army House of Culture in Legnica, Poland). Jakub Kopecký also works with a number of other intriguing artists. He has designed sets for the stage directors Jiří Adámek (Ticks, Ticks, Politics, Europeans) and Jiří Nekvasil (Pericles at the Klicpera Theatre in Hradec Králové), and the renowned dance company DOT504 (Mah Hunt and A Perfect Day). He creates his own theatre projects (the experimental Pollygone and The Valley). In addition to theatre, he devotes to computer animation and graphics (in 2006–07 the graphic design for Teatro NoD, in 2008–09 the graphic design for the Czech Dance Platform, in 2009 the graphic design for the Dance Prague festival).

In 2006, he received an Alfréd Radok Award nomination in the Set Design of the Year category for the Shed III project at the National Theatre in Prague (I. Klestilová: Heroes).


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