Giulia Tonelli

Principal Dancer / Zürich Ballet / Switzerland

Born in Saint Julien en Genevois in France but she grew-up in Pisa in Italy. She starts her
professional studies with the Ballet School of “Il Balletto di Toscana” in Florence in Italy. In 2001 she follows the Master and Theater Class in Vienna and in June 2002 she gets Diploma from the Wiener Staatsoper Ballettschule (State Ballet School in Vienna). Mr. Renato Zanella, Director of the Staatsoper Ballet (Vienna State Opera Ballet) offers her contract.
In 2003, she received First Prize and gold medal at the Eurocity International Ballet Competition. Mr. Robert Denvers, Director of the Royal Ballet of Flanders offers her to be a member of his company.
In 2009 she gets contract with the Zürich Ballet and she starts to co-operate with Mr. Heinz Spoerli.
Her repertoire includes: “Giselle” (chor. Robert Denvers), “The Sleeping Beauty” (chor. Marcia Haydée), “Apollon Musagète” (chor. George Balanchine), "The return of Ulysses" (chor. Christian Spuck), "Falling angels" and "Duo aus 27 52" (chor. Jiří Kylián), "Und mied den wind" (chor. Heinz Spoerli), "In the night" (chor. Jerome Robbins), and many others.


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