Damian Chmielarz

Damian Chmielarz, who was born in Katowice/Poland and grew up in Mannheim, joined the Mannheim National Theatre in 1998 as a lighting technician before taking over as Lighting Manager for the Studio Werkhaus in 2006.
At the Mannheim National Theatre, he was responsible for the lighting design of numerous productions in all genres. In addition to a number of studio productions, he was also involved with such productions as »Der Besuch der alten Dame« and »Mutter Courage und ihre Kinder«, plus the chamber opera »Der Mann, der seine Frau mit einem Hut verwechselte«. In addition, he was the lighting designer for numerous co-productions with the »Schnawwl« children's and youth theatre and Junge Oper and for several productions as part of the International Schiller Festival. Damian Chmielarz supported the ballet of the Mannheim National Theatre with live lighting in numerous impromptu evenings. Since 2006, he has been responsible for the lighting design for the annual »Choreografische Werkstatt« and been involved with the dance productions »Three to one« (2012) and »Casanova« (2013).