Anna Ipatieva

Anna Ipatieva is a graduate of the T. H. Shevchenko Republican Art School in Kyiv (1989) and the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture, where she studied monument and temple painting under the guidance of Professor N. A. Storozhenko (1995). She did her post-graduate studies at the same Academy and workshop (1998). Since 1988, her works have been displayed at numerous art exhibitions and sought after by private collectors. Since 1994, she has been working as a designer, creating the costumes for more than 50 theatre productions. Her virtuoso handling of the particulars of theatre costume design contributes to the unusual visual imagery of the characters, engendering new decisions by way of various expressive artistic means.
Anna Ipatieva’s costumes reveal the characters’ individuality with the utmost precision, thus making the costume designer a rightful co-author, together with the director and the choreographer. She has designed the costumes for a number of performances at the National Operas of Ukraine, the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow, the Mikhailovsky Theatre in Saint Petersburg, and has also worked in Macedonia and Latvia, at the Musa Dzhalil Opera and Ballet Theatre of Tatarstan, the Imperial Russian Ballet, etc. She has created the costumes for almost all the recent productions of the Kyiv Modern Ballet theatre.


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