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Purchasing tickets early pays off

Do you tend to plan your theatre visits well in advance and thus buy tickets early? If so, you can save money with us. The National Theatre applies the dynamic pricing system, within which the prices of tickets for specific seats for specific performances may increase in direct relation to the forthcoming dates of performances and/or the number of seats sold. Sometimes tickets may for a certain period even be cheaper than for later dates, as a result of combination of the dynamic pricing and first minute principles, as well as advantaging of the early birds.

Yet you do not need to worry about unexpected changes in ticket prices in the case of registered orders. If you have reserved tickets and chosen to pay for them through credit transfer or cash on delivery by post, the price at which you ordered your tickets is valid throughout the time of your order’s validity. Nor does the price change throughout the time of your order’s validity if you made a reservation and chose to pay for the tickets in cash or by card upon their personal collection at a box office or at a contractual point of sale. The National Theatre only exceptionally applies the mentioned price change principles in the case of subscription and ticket packages.

Beware of dishonest dealers

The National Theatre bears no responsibility for tickets not purchased at its official booking offices or from its authorised partners (e.g. tickets bought through the and servers, or other similar distributors and untrustworthy dealers).

Tickets offered by other than the authorised dealers are sometimes highly overpriced, and they may also be fakes or invalid copies, and thus do not allow for entry to the auditorium. When it comes to e-tickets in particular, we recommend that, in your own interest, you buy them solely through the National Theatre website or the websites of the authorised dealers.

The National Theatre proceeds against unauthorised dealers if they breach our reservation or other sales conditions. We may invalidate your ticket and thus you will not be allowed to enter the auditorium, if the ticket has been reserved and/or purchased due to dishonest dealing.

Do not expect that the ticket touts will give you back your money should a performance be cancelled owing to operational reasons or due to an artist/artists having fallen ill. When you buy e-tickets from a reseller, you will have no document attesting to you being the ticket owner. The ticket will still be the property of the reseller, as it was the reseller who has purchased it on the National Theatre website or the website of our authorised dealers. The reseller will get the money back, not you.

Yet the best way to protect yourself against dishonest practices is not to purchase tickets from unauthorised dealers.

The National Theatre reserves the right not to allow to make, either permanently or temporarily, reservations for selected productions or performances, and thus only offer tickets for such performances in the direct purchase mode. The National Theatre also reserves the right to rescind reservations already made, should it deem them to be speculative, inappropriate, repeated, and thus preventing other theatre-goers from purchasing or booking tickets. When giving or presenting an e-ticket to someone else, the purchaser is obliged to draw the attention of the respective person to the fact that in the case of cancellation of a performance the National Theatre only refunds those who have purchased the ticket.

Should you inadvertently purchase a ticket from a reseller, we recommend that you collaborate with the Police of the Czech Republic, to whom we report cases of suspicious behaviour.