Welcome to Thebes

Moira Buffini

Basic information

Approximate running time

2 hours 30 minutes, 1 intermission 20 minutes


In Czech, English subtitles


May 31, 2018

A contemporary play treating contemporary topics, yet featuring Ancient Greek figures.



The British political drama on the devastated city of Thebes, with its president, Eurydice, striving to raise it to its feet. The female leader is approached with advice by Athens’ ruler, Theseus. Today’s Europe and Ancient Greece meet within a single text.

The play presents an ironical view of the past and the present alike; after all, we all believe in the possibility of political change. Yet when Tiresias reminds us that Athens too would fall victim to its avidity and greed, we can feel the power of fate. Or not? 

Official photos: Petr Neubert

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