La traviata

La traviata

Giuseppe Verdi

Basic information

Approximate running time

1 hour 55 minutes, 2 intermission 20 minutes


In Italian, Czech, English subtitles


February 21, 1998

The operatic story loosely based on Dumas’s novel La Dame aux Camélias about the sick courtesan Violetta and her vain desire to extricate herself from the conventions of society has been tugging at audiences’ heartstrings for more than 150 years.



National Theatre Orchestra
National Theatre Chorus
Ballet of the National Theatre Opera 

Verdi’s moving music romantically idealises Violetta’s ill-fated love for Alfredo and addresses the spectator not only with its theatrical eff ectiveness but also, and primarily, profound and emotive lyrics.

Photo: Hana Smejkalová