Manon Lescaut workshop

in Czech language


Due to the government shutdown are the box offices of the National Theatre closed from 27th of December, 2020.

Basic information

Approximate running time

2 hours, no intermission


Rehearsal space Anenský areál / Rehearsal space Estates Theatre

Drama rehearsal room at Anenský areál. Participants meet by the staff reception of the facility, 10 minutes before the start of the workshop.

Thematic workshops for school groups, which accompany selected productions in the Drama ensembles’ repertoire and offer deeper insight into their context.


Have you ever written a love poem or confessed your love to somebody? What do you think about infidelity? And where does love and infidelity begin and end? Join the workshop for Manon Lescaut, get inspired by Nezval’s poetry and create your own art. You will learn about the author’s inspiration for writing the play, director’s approaches to staging and lessons that Manon Lescaut can offer us today.
The art and literary workshop MANON LESCAUT is designed for organized school groups and runs in one of National Theatre Drama’s rehearsal rooms.

Workshop duration: 120 min
Target group: students aged 14+
Minimal occupancy: 16 participants
Maximal capacity: 30 participants
Fee: 100 Kč (free with Manon Lescaut tickets)
Meeting: meeting venue will be specified individually for each workshop

For information about dates and bookings please contact Zuzana Kráľová | z.kralova@narodni-divadlo.cz.