Ballet The State Opera



1st Symphony in D major

Choreography & Stage direction: Petr Zuska
Music: Gustav Mahler
Conductor: Jakub Klecker
Costumes: Roman Šolc

Reflections on the fate of human forms

Music: 48nord (Ulrich Müller a Siegfried Rössert)
Choreofraphy, set and costumes: Jacopo Godani

7th Symphony in A major

Choreofraphy, set and costumes: Uwe Scholz
Music: Ludwig van Beethoven
Conductor: Jakub Klecker

The compound programme is made up of ballet works by three distinguished contemporary European choreographers: Uwe Scholz (an outstanding German creator with a refined style, dubbed the “European Balanchine”, who served in Leipzig until his untimely death and whose choreographies have been part of the repertoire of all first-class ballet companies owing to their sophisticated, innovative dance technique, typical and matchless in his abstractly conceived works), Jacopo Godani (an acclaimed contemporary Italian choreographer, who has created a brand-new work for the Czech National Ballet) and Petr Zuska (a renowned Czech choreographer and Artistic Director of the Czech National Ballet). Zuska’s choreography, created for EXPO 2010 in Shanghai, is a pure visual rendition of Gustav Mahler’s famous Symphony No. 1 in D major, which is ingenuously built using neo-classical movement phraseology. A noteworthy feature of the choreography is the constant flowing of the moving dancers, an endless current of streaming bodies, drifted by the music in the same direction. Zuska has imbued his opus with an infinitely variable tone and permeated it with a dramatic tension.
Approximate running time, including intermissions: 2 hours, 10 minutes, two 20-minute intermissions

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This production is not performed at the present time.