Drama The Estates Theatre


Lucy Prebble


Translation: Jan Tošovský
Stage director: Michal Dočekal
Sets: Martin Chocholoušek
Music: Daniel Fikejz
Dramaturgy: Lenka Kolihová Havlíková
Motion cooperation: Halka Třešňáková
Video: Michal Pěchouček, František Pecháček

Enron – the word that became a symbol of a failure. It all became with Enron. A breakdown of this giant company in 2001 anticipated the contemporary world financial crisis. The play pictures a way how the successful Texan firm turned out into a failed giant with billion of debts. In 2009, Enron appeared on the stage – Lucy Prebble´s drama was staged by Royal Court Theater, and the play was later nominated for Olivier Award. Czech opening in the Estates Theatre.

Drama in czech language.

Photo: Lucie Jansch

Duration of the performance: 2 hours and 35 minutes, 1 intermission


This production is not performed at the present time.