Drama The National Theatre

King Lear

William Shakespeare


Translation: Milan Lukeš
Stage director: Jan Nebeský
Sets: Jan Nebeský, Jana Preková
Costumes: Jana Preková
Music: Aleš Březina
Dramaturgy: Iva Klestilová

Shakespeare??? Shakespeare!!! The tragedy of a king who is not able to recognise true love. King Lear, a wise and revered man descending into madness. The tragedy of a daughter who loves her father too much. The tragedy of a land in which intrigue does away with the ruler’s reason. Many a time, great words and preposterous gestures cannot be taken back. Fate can be merciless, sarcastic and cruel, just like the people who create it. The Elizabethan genius elevated the fairy tale to great drama. The peerless stage director Jan Nebeský, possessing a unique scenic style and non-conformist view of grand themes, is again a guest of the National Theatre.

Drama in czech language.

Photo: Bohdan Holomíček

Duration of the performance: 2 hours and 15 minutes, 1 intermission


This production is not performed at the present time.

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