Opera The National Theatre


Marko Ivanović


Libretto: Ivan Arsenjev, Petr Forman, Radek Malý
Musical preparation: Marko Ivanović
Conductor: Marko Ivanović
Stage director: Petr Forman
Sets: Andrea Sodomková, Matěj Forman
Costumes: Andrea Sodomková
Choreography: Veronika Švábová
Lighting design: Dáda Němeček
Chorus master: Martin Buchta
Dramaturgy: Ivan Arsenjev

National Theatre Orchestra
National Theatre Chorus

When the British writer and naturalist Gerald Durrell’s book The Talking Parcel was published in 1974, he unveiled to his readers Mythologia, a wondrous realm in which mythical beings and animals live, marvellous plants grow, a land governed by unusual natural laws. Several decades later, in 2009, a team headed by Marko Ivanović and Petr and Matěj Forman decided to continue in Durrell’s research. In the underground of the National Theatre they discovered a secret gate to Mythologia, which they named Enchantia, and began exploring what had happened there since Durrell’s time. Our team found out that the mythical creatures communicate among themselves by means of song, and that once every fifty years they gather at a grand ceremony at which new inhabitants are recorded in the magical Singing Book. Our researchers have persuaded the mythical creatures to appear on the National Theatre stage so as to be introduced to child/adult audiences. Set out with us to Enchantia and witness the mythical animals and creatures’ ceremony, and explore the mysterious underground of the National Theatre! Come and listen to how they in Enchantia sing!

Premiere: January 14 and 15, 2012

Photos: Irena Vodáková

Approximate running time: 1 hours, 30 minutes, no intermission


This production is not performed at the present time.

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