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Legends of Magic Prague


Theme: Jiří Srnec
Script: Jiří Srnec
Stage director: Jiří Srnec
Camera: Emil Sirotek, Antonín Daňhel
Music: Kryštof Marek
Choreography: Petr Zuska
Costumes: Šárka Polak Hejnová
Masks: Šárka Polak Hejnová
Sets: Miloslav Heřmánek
Edit: Alois Fišárek
Sound composition: Ivo Špalj, Zbyněk Perla
Motion cooperation: Adéla Srncová
Assistant stage director: Josef Kotěšovský
Assistant choreographer: Zuzana Hrzalová, Pavel Knolle

This Laterna magika project is based on the performances of Jiři Srnec’s Black Theatre staged in the 1990s in several versions (Ahasver, Timewalker, Prague Pedestrian, Legends of Old Mother Prague). Legends of Magic Prague is an essentially modified Laterna magika adaptation with new music, choreography, sets and additionally filmed sections.

Prague is a city of legends and myths, some of which are presented in this multi-media performance: the legends of the most famous dwellers of the Faust House – Faust and the English alchemist Edward Kelley; of Chanina, daughter of a Jewish merchant who spurns all her suitors and, out of love for the enigmatic Master of the Vltava, enters the river a nd returns on the roofs only in the semblance of a green cat; of the mysterious encounters of Emperor Rudolf II with the philosopher and great personality of Prague Jewish culture Rabbi Lowe; and finally the legend pertaining to the creation of the Old Town Astronomical Clock by Master Hanuš.

After a relatively long time, it is project drawing upon the Laterna magika principles, linking up to its artistic inheritance and the legacy of its creators. This production also served to celebrate the 80th birthday of Jiři Srnec, one of the most distinguished Laterna magika artists and, most notably, the founder and artistic director of the Black Theatre – a small theatre of great miracles.

Premiere: 3. 3. 2011

Approximate running time, including intermission: 1 hour, 50 minutes, one 20-minute intermission.


This production is not performed at the present time.

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