Laterna magika The New Stage



Script: Juraj Jakubisko
Stage director: Juraj Jakubisko
Sets: Josef Svoboda
Choreography: Jean-Pierre Aviotte
Music: Zdenek Merta
Costumes: Jarmila Konečná
Camera: Petr Čepický
Sound-design: Juraj Ďurovič

The dramatic ballet Casanova was premiered by Laterna Magika in 1995 with stage direction by the acclaimed Juraj Jakubisko, known for example for his Tisicročna včela (The Thousand-Year Bee) and Bathory. It is our only production based entirely on the telling of a story: in it we accompany Casanova through his life, even if in a stylized manner. The production is inspired by the real fates of the famous adventurer and diplomat Giacomo Casanova, but he tends to become a typical character and loses historical definition: the story passes through many settings and historical eras. Choreography is by the French artist Jean-Pierre Aviotte, who for several years was head of the Laterna Magika ballet ensemble. The dance component of the presentation is in the spirit of the Neoclassical style without toe-dancing, featuring large ensemble scenes, a duel scene, and love duets. The central duet is coloured by a portion of the Concerto in E major by J.S. Bach; otherwise the music is by the popular composer Zdeněk Merta.

Based on the main protagonist Casanova and his loves, the presentation depicts the seducer as a victim of fate – as a man who sows evil somewhat against his own will. He longs for emotions, but has not experienced them himself and is incapable of maintaining them. His amorous escapades tend to be an escape from his own self. His life ends in ruin and oblivion, but the audience can wonder whether this is really a deserved punishment.

In the title role: Alexandre Katsapov, Principal Dancer of the National Theatre Ballet, or Filip Janda, former member of Bayerisches Staatsballett München and guest dancer in National Theatre.

Duration of the performance: 1 hour and 40 minutes, 1 intermission


This production is not performed at the present time.