Drama The Estates Theatre

A Tea Party at the Senator’s

Ivan Stodola


Translation: Marie Liehmová
Stage director: Ladislav Smoček
Sets: Karel Glogr
Costumes: Šárka Hejnová
Dramaturgy: Iva Klestilová

A Tea Party at the Senator’s is a classic comedy from the early 1920s. Although it may seem that this play could have dated and lost some of its significance, the opposite is true. The central character is Baltazar Švestka, a coffin supplier who is forced by his ambitious wife to enter politics. Subsequently he launches a campaign to become a senator. The work portrays the background to the preparations for a successful political career, as well as the actual selection of senator at a tea party held by the Minister’s wife. It transpires that municipal politicians are mere draughtsmen and instead of defending citizens’ interests only make use of their mandate to enrich themselves. The playwright Ivan Stodola (Our Minister, King Svatopluk, Marína Havranová, etc.) is one of the most famous Slovak authors. He is renowned as a relentless satirist of the Slovak petty bourgeoisie, whom he frequently pilloried in his comedies. The author – a professional physician – mixed a potent bitter-comical elixir.

Drama in czech language.


This production is not performed at the present time.