Drama The National Theatre

Cyrano de Bergerac

Edmond Rostand

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Translation: Jaroslav Vrchlický
Stage director: Michal Dočekal
Sets: David Marek
Music: Petr Kofroň, Filip Topol
Dramaturgy: Daria Ullrichová

Rostand’s classical drama is a manifesto of manliness, honour, friendship and love, values that are necessary always and to everyone. Also manifest is our espousing the tradition of Czech productions of Cyrano that is now more than a century old. In its way, Cyrano is a witness to and guide through Czech theatre of the 20th century. That is also why the National Theatre stages it in Jaroslav Vrchlický’s peerless translation.

Drama in czech language.

Photo: Martin Špelda

Duration of the performance: 3 hours, 1 intermissions


This production is not performed at the present time.