Opera The New Stage

The Message – Dr. Kafka's Last Love

Tibor Szemző
Opera Nova 2019


Libretto: András Forgách
Stage director: Tibor Szemző
Sound design: Zoltán Regenye

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Performance is a part of the Opera Nova 2019 festival.

The Fodderbasis (Budapest)
László Gőz – bass trumpet, sea shells
Mihály Huszár – electronic double bass
Ágoston Szabó Sipos – percussions, violin
Tibor Szemző - conductor, bass flute

„In the autumn of 2007 I was lying in fever at my hotelroom in Kolkata. I re-read Kafka's short writings and maybe caused by the fever, maybe the distance, my own life seemed to be that distant as if I was looking at it from another planet. This was the moment when the process begun and during the next almost 10 years; not only a cinematographic opera was staged, but a radio piece, an installation and a short film were made and an LP was released.“ Tibor Szemzö
The films of the performance are paying a visit to the key locations in the life of Kafka and his last love and last friend. Będzin and Dombóvár, Müritz, the Baltic Sea resort and the High Tatras; Berlin, the scene of Dora and Franz’s common life; Kierling, the sanatorium where Dora and Robert were together at Kafka’s deathbed. And Brooklyn, not entirely as it appears in Kafka’s novel, but where Klopstock later lived.
Kafka’s zen parable A Message from the Emperor, receited in a dozen of languages surrounded with music during the performance. These scenes are interspersed with personal recollections from Dora Diamant and Robert Klopstock about the key moments of the life they shared with Kafka with the hindsight of more than 25 years.


This production is not performed at the present time.


Dora Diamant

Franz Kafka´s Voice

Robert Klopstock

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