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Since 1994 the Dance Center Prague comprises “conservatory” and “grammar school” and this year it celebrates a quarter of a century of eight-year study concept concentrating on new dimensions of art education. In gratitude to all who have been taking part in its successful development it organizes a gala evening in the Estates Theatre where graduates, teachers and artists will present their works and dramatic and interpretational skills. Both ensembles will offer their newest endeavors: “Quatro Dances” (Ballet Prague Junior) and “Letem světem” (Baby Ballet Prague). During the evening the students will also present their own artistic creations to express their gratefulness to important foreign partners Attila Egerházi, Lidia Wos, Samuel Delvaux, pedagogues Vlasta Schneiderová, Pavla Königsmarková, Tereza Hloušková and Eva Plocková… and graduates Anna Jirmanová, Šimon Kubáň, Ihor Bezděněžnych and Michal Vach.

Hopefully we will be meeting them all during the upcoming twenty five years in dance studios and on theatre stages!
Antonín Schneider, the Dance Centre Prague director, commemorating the school’s 25th anniversary


This production is not performed at the present time.


to be announced.

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