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F. X. Šalda Theatre Ballet from Liberec: (Originating) Creation

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The F. X. Šalda Theatre ballet company brings (Originating) Creation / (S)tvoření, a dance mystery based on taoist texts and philosophy. Water, wood, fire, earth and metal and five corresponding human emotions: fear, anger, joy, sympathy, grief. Colours, sounds, smells, numbers... Mystery, ritual, game, theatre… accompanied by Aries musical band. Choreography, direction and libretto Alena Pešková.

The Czech National Ballet GUEST: January 2019 – Ballet Prague Junior and Prague Chamber Ballet / Bohemia Ballet / F. X. Šalda Theatre Ballet (Liberec)

photo: Michal Hančovský​


This production is not performed at the present time.


to be announced.

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