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Prague Chamber Ballet and Ballet Prague Junior: Re-start 2019

Ballet Prague Junior


Prague Chamber Ballet, the doyen among Czech chamber dance theatre, and its younger brother Ballet Prague Junior (Dance Centre Prague), bring a new performance to The New Stage – Re-start 2019.

First part of the evening is devoted to the last premiere of The Prague Chamber Ballet The World of Daisies by Jiří Pokorný (formerly a member of NDT). Intimate Spaces by Samuel Delvaux (Belgium) celebrates Leoš Janáček and in an abstract way touches a painful relationship of an artist who is extremely sensitive to “female inspiration” all around him. A New Beginning is a world premiere of Lidia Wos (Poland/Sweden). Lidia puts the Ballet Prague Junior dancers in front of a pile of old suitcases and lets them move and express the various meanings of the suitcases on stage. A Glimpse of POEtry is a dance horror based on the famous poem The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. Marek Svobodník creates a “rough” modern piece full of black, absurd humor – with a glimpse of poetry.

The Czech National Ballet GUEST: January 2019 – Ballet Prague Junior and Prague Chamber Ballet / Bohemia Ballet / F. X. Šalda Theatre Ballet (Liberec)

photo: Michal Hančovský


This production is not performed at the present time.


to be announced.

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