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Gavrilo Princip

De Warme Winkel (NL)

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Concept and Stage direction: De Warme Winkel
Camera: Emo Weemhoff
Stage director: Marien Jongewaard
Sound composition: Remco de Jong, Florentijn Boddendijk
Lighting design: Prem Scholte Albers
Sets: Juul Dekker, Sarah Nixon
Costumes: Bernadette Corstens
Creation production: Sabine Oldenburg
Coproduction: Holland Festival, Kaaitheater Brussel
Agency: A Propic

On June 28, 1914, Gavrilo Princip and five of his friends make an attempt on the life of the Habsburg heir to the throne Franz Ferdinand during his visit to Sarajevo. Pistols jam, hand grenades detonate too late, if at all; the assault fails. Franz Ferdinand decides to alter the route of his visit, everyone is briefed, except his driver. Starved and disappointed, Gavrilo enters a bakery store. The moment he steps outside, the Archduke is driven past. It is too late for Gavrilo to draw his pistol, but to his astonishment the car halts down the road in order to back up again. The very last thing Franz Ferdinand lays his eyes on is a meagre, narrow-shouldered man with a flimsy moustache.

Gavrilo Princip is a play about a world that is on the verge of disappearing, about a jackass who overthrows the elite, about the subjectivity of historiography, about the mighty hand of fate and about taking justice into one’s own hands.
A delirious, orgasmic, theatrical reconstruction, reminiscent of a battlefield.

Approximate running time: 120 minutes, no intermission.

In Dutch, with English and Czech surtitles, translated by Ladislav Nagy.

Discussion with artists after the performance in the New Stage foyer.

The theatre group De Warme Winkel (The Hot Shop) is an actors’ collective comprising Mara van Vlijmen, Vincent Rietveld and Ward Weemhoff. By continually working with guest actors, directors, artists and musicians, the group has attracted a large group of fans. Since its foundation in 2002, De Warme Winkel has created a total of thirty projects. De Warme Winkel’s style is energetic, performative and visual, and is based on its members’ shared fascination for history and love of literature. Using a strong, contextual basis, all sorts of theatrical resources are deployed in a tightly orchestrated tumult, in order to celebrate a paradox, bring a dilemma into focus, or pay tribute to a particular subject. De Warme Winkel makes use of all possible performance styles and influences: from Stanislavsky to Artaud, and from ballet to slapstick. By alternating styles and events, De Warme Winkel’s performances always seek out the tension between theatrical representation and our presence in the here and now.

Premiere: 19 June 2014

In coproduction with Holland Festival, Kaaitheater, Brussels.
With the support of SNS Reaal Fonds, Ammodo, Prins Bernhard Cultuur Fonds, FPK, Gemeente Utrecht.

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This production is not performed at the present time.

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