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If a Window Would Open

Tiago Rodrigues
Teatro Nacional D. Maria II / Tiago Rodrigues (PRT)


Stage director: Tiago Rodrigues
Set, costumes and lighting: Magda Bizarro, Tiago Rodrigues
Sound and music: Alexandre Talhinhas
Video: Bruno Canas, Tiago Rodrigues
Special collaboration: João Adelino Faria
English translation: Joana Frazão
Creation production: Magda Bizarro, Rita Mendes

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What do we see when we watch the eight o’clock news? A proposition of reality. Some news corporation's idea of what is important within the time and space of one day. The news tells us that this is the reality which we are a part of — a reality where, generally speaking, none of our daily thoughts or actions are even registered.

Tiago Rodrigues presented a first draft of this project as a solo performance in 2009 at the Teatro Maria Matos, under the title Outro dia (Another Day). He dubbed his own voice and words over the text of a television news broadcast in an attempt to tell the story of another day. Another Day offers the basis for this new creation.

If a Window Would Open starts from the idea of replacing a public discourse with an intimate one. It explores alternative ways of talking about the facts that make up “the news”. It is the birth of another journalism, on the human scale of a stage, where the glance between two actors could have the same weight as global warming.

The title is borrowed from the verses of Alberto Caeiro, he himself the public persona of Fernando Pessoa: “There’s just a closed window, and the whole world out there / And a dream about what one could see if a window opened / Which is never the same as what one sees when the window opens.”

Approximate running time: 75 minutes, no intermission.

In English, with Czech surtitles

Discussion with artists after the performance in the New Stage foyer on 3 October

The first ambition of Portuguese actor Tiago Rodrigues is to play with people who'd want to come together and invent shows. His encounter with the tg STAN in 1997, when he was but 20 definitively confirmed his attachment to the absence of hierarchy in a creative group. The freedom of performance and decision given him then would forever influence his future shows. Tiago Rodrigues thus found himself repeatedly and early in his career in a position of instigator, and little by little came to direct and write projects he “stumbled upon.” In parallel to that, he also wrote screenplays, articles, poems, prefaces, op-eds, etc. In 2003, he co-founded with Magda Bizarro the company Mundo Perfeito, with which he created many shows without settling down in any specific location, becoming the guest of many national and international institutions. In France, he notably performed his Portuguese version of Shakespeare's Antony and Cleopatra at the Festival d'Avignon in 2015. By Heart and Bovary both played in 2013 at the Théâtre de la Bastille, which led to an invitation to “occupy” the theatre for two months in the spring of 2016. Director of the Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II in Lisbon since 2014, Tiago Rodrigues nevertheless continues to create shows using the limited means he has appropriated as his own artistic syntax. On a larger scale, he has become a builder of bridges between cities and countries, at once host and advocate of a living theatre. Tiago Rodrigues is candidate at the Prix Europe Nouvelles réalités théâtrales XIV.

Premiere: 2 June 2010

A production of Teatro Nacional D. Maria II, after an original creation by the company Mundo Perfeito

Co-production: Alkantara Festival and Teatro Nacional D. Maria II

A performance created with the financial support of Governo de Portugal | DGArtes

With the support of Direcção de Informação da RTP

Thanks to João Adelino Faria, José Alberto Carvalho, Marina Ramos, Luís Marinho, Fátima Fernandes, Luís Filipe Silveira, Iolanda Laranjeiro, Patrícia Azevedo, Catarina Dantas, Thiare Maia, Michel Blois, Flávia Gusmão, Nuno Gil, Judith Davis, Gilles Pollet, Mantovani, nursing team of Lusíadas Hospital, Vítor Moura Gonçalves, Arlete Rodrigues, Ana Maria Bizarro and all those participating in the video.

The Artistic Director of D. Maria II National Theater, Tiago Rodrigues, is one of the winners of the European Theater Award - Theatrical Realities.


This production is not performed at the present time.

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