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The Mystery of the Bar

Miroslav Tóth

Tabačka Kulturfabrik Košice

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Stage director: Jan Komárek
Conductor: Miroslav Tóth

Assistant director, set design: Ladislav Mirvald
Sets and costumes: Lenka Kuchareková and Bára Formanová
Cast: Irina Adreeva, Janka Wernerová, Zuzana Psotková, Peter Kočiš, Samčo, brother of earthworms, Nela Kornetová, Andrea Miltner and Lucia Kašiarová

Musica false et fica ensemble
Soprano and alto saxophone: Michael Jermář Soprano and tenor saxophone: Gergõ Kováts Tenor saxophone: Viktor Kapusi
Trombone: Márton Kuna (alt. Murad Abbas)
Trombone: Péter Magyar
Trombone: Dávid Lévay
Electric guitar: Michal Dymny
Accordion: Peter Katina
Accordion: Ádam Móser
Marimba: Lenka Novosedlíková
Percussion: Áron Porteleki

The Mystery of the Stick presents an attempt at a reconstruction of the life of people on the planet Pluto. Billions of kilometres from the Earth, humankind has built a base serving as a changing station en route to another galaxy. The final instalment of Miroslav Tóth’s opera trilogy has taken the form of a new variation on an institutional paraphrase, replete with mysterious phenomena. In 13 tableaux, it reveals the unfeasibility of opera on another plant.


This production is not performed at the present time.


to be announced.

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