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Two Worlds / One World

B/olero / Falling Angels / SUB

The National Moravian-Silesian Theatre


Works by three globally renowned choreographers within a single evening. Works by Jiří Kylián, Ohad Naharin and Itzik Galili, dealing with an eternal theme: the connection (or lack thereof) between man and woman. That is the overarching theme of the National Moravian-Silesian Theatre Ballet’s mixed bill Two Worlds / One World, featuring pieces in which each of the celebrated creators presents his singular style of contemporary dance. We are delighted to welcome the Ostrava company to the National Theatre in Prague again.
Ohad Naharin’s choreography B/olero is a playful female duet. While in Falling Angels Kylián foregrounds dance, in his piece Naharin makes use of the infinite sonic possibilities of the synthesiser, as demonstrated by Isao Tomita’s electronic interpretation of Maurice Ravel’s composition. “I glimpsed a synthesiser on the cover of a record that lay behind a Bach record. I realised that the synthesiser in not just an instrument utilising the existing sounds, I saw in it a medium possessing the potential of creating endless new sounds,” said the composer Isao Tomita.

Jiří Kylián’s famous piece Falling Angels presents an exciting flight of eight female dancers. The choreographer was inspired by Steve Reich’s minimalism, which has brought the phasing method to the very limit of human technical facilities. The music serves as the platform for the independent development and foregrounding of dance. “Falling Angels is a work for eight females, conceived as a rather lightened tribute to the ballerina. The eight dancers remain on the stage all the time. Their dependence on each other, and their longing to extricate themselves from this dependence, are evident throughout the performance. Falling Angels is about dancers and the art of interpretation, about elegance, anxiety, vulnerability, inferiority complexes and humour. It symbolises the dispute between belonging and independence, the dilemma each and every one of us faces from the cradle to the grave,” Jiří Kylián said.
The energetic and testosterone-sputtering SUB by the Israeli choreographer Itzik Galili features wild movement, with fleeting images created by seven male dancers and their sinewy half-naked bodies. “… Seven men make the utmost use of Michael Gordon’s rhythmic piece Weather One. The theme is the ineffable, the incommunicable, which we may have on the tip of the tongue, yet are not able to express verbally. The sensation on our skin, in the muscles and tendons, in the blood. We cannot find the right words; the feeling is ungraspable, yet it is there all the same. As though in a mist, new images keep appearing – it would seem they can be described, but in new words, words yet to be invented. And then – everything vanishes,” adds Itzik Galili.


This production is not performed at the present time.


to be announced.

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