Ballet The New Stage

The Last Supper



Theme: Štěpán Benyovszký, . DEKKADANCERS
Stage director: Štěpán Benyovszký, . DEKKADANCERS
Choreography: Štěpán Pechar, Ondřej Vinklát, Marek Svobodník
Music: . DEKKADANCERS, Alexandr Sadirov
Sets and Costumes: Pavel Knolle
Lights: Karel Šimek

When two mafia bosses meet at one dinner table, there will be more than just bills to pay. This is a story of one great betrayal, entangled with short gangster stories, murderous and vindictive chefs, secret agents and the deadly beauty of Russian prima ballerinas. Dangerous, spicy, hilarious and entertaining, The Last Supper combines dance, live music, singing and acting all brought to you by thirteen performers.


This production is not performed at the present time.