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Emergency Briefing

Theatre and freedom – Europe in the 21st century



Should we be afraid of losing our freedom? Which countries should we talk about when discussing the proliferation of authoritarian regimes? The evident – and extremely alarming – interferences with artistic integrity, which is actually synonymous with civil integrity, will be debated by artists from countries related to each other in both geographical and cultural terms.

The disturbing recent course of events has compelled us to add this new item to the festival programme – it’s all well and good to perform plays about freedom, yet we should also be able to discuss it.

What is happening with the incarcerated Russian director Kirill Serebrennikov? Ask Valery Pecheikin, a dramaturge of the Gogol Centre in Moscow and his close associate.

How does Hungary’s governing party Fidesz harass those who dispute its opinions? The issue will be elucidated by Dóra Papp, who together with Arpád Schilling leads the Budapest-based Krétakőr company.
The trends aiming to supress freedom of expression in Poland will be reflected upon by the Polish dramaturge Piotr Gruszczyński.

In English, interpreted into Czech


This production is not performed at the present time.


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