Prague Crossroads The New Stage

Synne Behrndt: Contemporary dramaturgies in 2017



The presentation will look at examples from contemporary theatre and performance with a view to discussing the kinds of dramaturgies that are emerging in 2017: What kinds of narratives and ideas are being explored and what questions are being asked within today’s performance? We will also look at some current debates surrounding the contemporary theatre institution and the relationship between institution, repertoire, context and audience.

45 minutes + Q&A
In English, no interpreting

Synne K. Behrndt is a dramaturge and lecturer. She has worked as a dramaturge with theatres in Denmark and the UK, and has written essays on devising theatre and dramaturgy. She co-wrote Dramaturgy and Performance with Cathy Turner (Palgrave Macmillan) and co-edited the ‘New Dramaturgies’ special issue of the Contemporary Theatre Review. She has also edited performance documentation for Fevered Sleep. Behrndt is currently a lecturer in performing arts at the University of Winchester (UK).


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